What is AAC Laxmi Blocks

What is AAC ?

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is a certified
green building material
and used for walls,
floors, and roofs.
And due to light weight
material its seems excellent sound barrier,
thermal insulation,
and like all cement-based
materials, is strong and fire resistant.

Why Laxmi Blocks

Why AAC ?

Water Saver

Light Weight make Construction Easier

Uniform Shape make Construction Fast

Economical Cheaper

Why Laxmi Blocks
Laxmi Blocks Benefits to House Holder

Benefits to House Holder

Fire Resistant

Sound Insulation

Energy Saving

Earthquake Resistant


Pest Resistant

Long Life

Social Benefits of Laxmi Blocks

Social Benefits

Environment Friendly

Save Fertilize Land

Recycling Fly Ash

Easy Transportation

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What We Do?
We work hard to make your life easier

We are manufacture, supplier and exporter of AAC blocks.

We ensure our passion for quality comes through in everything we do. We can do this onsite, near shore or offshore.

We provide excellent quality of AAC blocks, which is most suitable for use all kind of buildings, with have light weight and strength, and these blocks does not cause any environmental pollution. Laxmi blocks assume mix that contains cement, lime and sand so it is very suitable option for construction.

AAC blocks reduces temperature differences and humidity fluctuations and Keeps buildings cool in summer and warm in winter saving on heating and air-conditioning.

What we do at laxmi blocks
Our Commitments
Excellent Service for Customer
Providing customer focus service
Making good customer relation
Creating a welcoming environment
Face to face approach to customer
Approach on the phone good service
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Laxmi Blocks's Commitment
  • After using AAC blocks I am very happy because so many benefits of using AAC blocks compared to Bricks. Thank you very much Laxmi Blocks.
    Ishwarbhai Patel
  • AAC blocks are light weight, dimensionally more accurate and bigger compare to bricks so it has less joint so it make construction attractive and lighter..
    Chandubhai Shingala