Board of Directors

Chunibhai H. Gajera

Chunibhai Gajera

Chunibhai Haribhai Gajera is a director registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Laxmi Group is progressing under the dynamic leadership of Sri Chunibhai Gajera.

Chunibhai Haribhai Gajera is associated with following companies.

Name Date of Appointment Designation
Laxmi Jewel Private Limited 02 July 1999 Director
Laxmi Diamond Private Limited 12 April 2006 Whole-Time Director
Exclusive Gems Private Limited 21 April 2003 Director
Laxmi Dia Jewel Private Limited 26 September 1994 Director
Shri Laxmi Narayan Polyfibre Private Limited 13 March 1992 Director
Shanti Life Space Private Limited 29 February 2012 Director
Laxmi Infra Developers Limited 07 May 2007 Director
Shanti Residences Private Limited 05 July 2007 Director
Lax Infra Buildcon Private Limited 24 August 2007 Director
Spring Valley Realty Private Limited 02 March 2010 Director
Laxmi Shops and Warehouses Limited 16 May 2001 Director
Ambition Retail Private Limited 04 November 2009 Director
Laxmi Infra-stone Limited 06 May 2002 Director
Laxmi Blocks Building Private Limited 27 March 2013 Additional Director
Shree Laxmi Infosolutions and Jewellary Limited 20 May 2004 Director
West End Sports Club Limited 28 August 2009 Director


Sri Chunibhai always works for noble cause of humanity. He is also working in the field of Education as well as charity. He is trusty and director in social and charity organizations.

Vinubhai K. Kathiriya

Vinubhai Kathiriya

Mr. Vinubhai Kathiriya is one of the founders of Laxmi Blocks Building.

He is competent businessman and has extensive knowledge of constructions. He has vast experience in the business of real estate and land developments. He has worked successfully on residential projects. Vinubhai is connected with social and charity organization. He is also member of lions club.

Mr. Jenish Kathiriya

Mr. Jenish Kathiriya


Mr. Jenish Kathiriya is young and dynamic leader of Laxmi Blocks Building.

He is an enginer with broad vision and innovative mind. His innovative ideas, Management Skills and use of IT Sollutions helps company to grow in sort duration. His motivative nature inspire Laxmi Block team to achive great targets in short duration.